From the WORK.pdf exhibition text:
“Too often I find myself slumped over the laptop, working on PDF-making and administrative stuff that goes along with running your own 1 man business. Writing applications for this and that. Most often ‘that’. It never ends. And I am always behind. Being an artist for me is 90% administrative work. I am also quite slow at it. The poetry is buried under layers and layers of open windows and folders. For this project I decided to use the 90% in the last 10%, to see if it might add up to an even 100. Or perhaps more than that. PDF’s of the last year’s applications for funding, residencies, grants and proposals for exhibitions etc. are laid out and used as a canvas for some abstract painting, both digitally and with acrylic paint IRL. The printed abstract drawings are done on my iPhone using Adobes’ app Adobe® Ideas as a pass time while commuting the New York City subways system every day for the last 3 months. My eyes are hurting from the various screens I can´t seem to live without.”


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